April 9, 2020I listened to a wonderful interview with @adriennemareebrown a few days ago on NPR (link: https://ift.tt/2y4wjZy) in it Adrienne shared a mantra that I’ve adopted and have been exploring in my personal life as well as when teaching classes. Reflecting on this, the fun here isn’t about getting rigid and set in the feeling state, but rather get more curious about it. Go to inquiry over settling on seeking an answer or a solution right away. For instance, when I feel something (pleasure, frustration, compassion, impatience, worry, joy, etc.) what is the impulse behind it and can I sense what my body is requesting? Do I trust what I’m feeling/sensing/noticing? Is it a yuck or a yum? What might emerge from this moment that keeps me connected to creative life force? What’s been keeping you tapped into your spark of creative life force? #inquiringmindswanttoknow #joyisahabit #resiliance #adapt #curious #shakti #creativity #stateofbeing #feelthenadapt #gratitude #emergentstrategy #pleasureactivism #movebreathebe

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