December 12, 2020Posted @withregram • @christine.dates Gathering in Resilience Yoga Challenge – Day 6 (last day!) Today’s topic is Internal Reflection. In addition to my yoga and meditation practices, writing helps me untangle and work through thoughts, feelings and situations. I tend to write through my stream of consciousness, and I’ll often read what I’ve written in the past – it’s interesting, revealing, and often frustrating to see certain patterns and habits emerge. How do you internally reflect? (Fun fact – I am left-handed, so you can very clearly see that this photo is staged. 😉) I hope you join @karinweinstein @dinacrosta and I for this #gatheringinresilience #instagramchallenge! If you’re just joining, please review my prior 5 posts for each day’s topic. Here are the rules: 1. Follow + tag all 3 of us (@karinweinstein , @christine.dates , and @dinacrosta ) 2. Use the tag #gatheringinresilience in all your posts 3. Tag at least one friend to join you in the fun! (If you have a private account and we haven’t reacted to your posts, PLEASE send us a message so we can follow you! We cannot see posts on private accounts we don’t follow.) The winners will be drawn from all those who participate every day and follow the guidelines. Winners will be announced by Tuesday, December 15th. Gathering In Resilience: A Winter Solstice Retreat is on 12/19 from 10am-1:30pm EST. Prizes are as follows: • Grand prize – A free spot in Gathering in Resilience – a Virtual Winter Solstice Retreat (Saturday, December 19th, 10am-1:30pm EST) • Runner up prizes 1 & 2- A free public class with Karin & Christine • Runner up prize 3 – Progressing with Primal Vinyasa 3 video mini series created by Dina. This contest is in no way supported or sponsored by Instagram or its affiliates.

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