August 7, 2015Lauren Pappa

Dina Crosta is a yoga “teacher” in the truest sense of the word. She has a genuine desire to “teach” her students how to do yoga. Her vast knowledge of the poses and the subtle energy body supporting the poses forms the bedrock of her sequences so that her students come out of every class feeling like they’ve learned something. Dina’s classes are intelligent, insightful and intentional.

Dina’s greatest strength as a teacher is her uncanny ability to break down poses so that they become accessible to everyBODY. Her understanding of alignment and energy flows gives students the tools they need to practice yoga safely and effectively.

Dina’s classes are, in a word, transformative. Dina holds the space of a teacher. She is authoritative yet at the same time approachable and light-hearted. She takes the yoga seriously without taking herself too seriously. Dina makes you feel comfortable in your body and empowered to explore the depths of your practice.

If you’re ever going to “flirt with your edges” in yoga, you’ll want to do it under Dina’s tutelage.  Dina’s own advanced practice informs her teaching so that she comes from a place of authenticity, which is the quality I admire most in her.

Dina is an authentic teacher and an authentic person. There is not a pretentious bone in her body. She is humble and self-deprecating and reassuringly gives her students the sense that just like us, she too is working on herself through the practice of yoga. Dina keeps it real.  She is the real deal. I’m grateful to call her my teacher, mentor and good friend.