Angela Beaton

Dina is a masterful instructor and mentor. Her classes are fun and extremely informative.  Her patience and joy are truly inspiring. It was such an honor to have Dina as my mentor in a recent training. I looked forward to every workshop and eagerly anticipated the new material I would learn and absorb. I look forward to continuing my training with Dina in the future.

Claire Sheprow

I am so graced to have Dina in my life! I have recommended her to an endless number of people no matter what they are searching for in their yoga practice as Dina’s teaching is so well rounded it is beneficial to any yogi at any point in their journey. Her extensive knowledge of alignment and articulate expression of teaching are perfect for students just starting out but she also offers an endless opportunity for refinement and accessibility into very complex work for advanced practitioners. I have quite literally never left her class without learning something new or re-envisioning my practice. Her teaching is complete with down to earth spirituality and meditations to incorporate a mind body connection and a solid sense of humor and joy which radiate to her students during class! I am grateful to Dina for all of the ways she has shaped and impacted my practice thus far and for her such a positive impact on my life!

Victoria Troiano

When Dina first started talking to me about the Living Wise Wellness coaching program, I had a number of things going on in my life that were causing me physical and emotional stress. Even though I knew that the program was what I needed, it almost felt overwhelming to add another thing to my plate. After several conversations with Dina, I decided to take the plunge, and see what happens. I am so glad I did because with her coaching and by incorporating the Ayurveda self-care habits, I feel better and have a better sense of purpose and direction. From the very beginning, I was impressed by her professionalism in the way she handled the business side of the program. I’ve told her several times that I think she’s an “old soul” because she has wisdom beyond her years. There were times when I wasn’t sure what we would talk about during our coaching session (beyond the weekly habit), but the conversation always went where it needed to go that particular week. Dina is amazing about being able to change direction without notice.  Her openness and willingness to share her own personal experiences proved to me how much she was committed to helping me achieve my goals. I have been taking yoga for a number of years, but this was the first time I have had private sessions. She taught me ways to position my hands in order to alleviate the pain I had been feeling in my fingers and wrists. We also worked on adjusting the way I did some of the poses to help me get the most benefit from them.  I would highly recommend the Living Wise Wellness coaching program with Dina. I’m a work in progress, and probably always will be, but I feel that with her coaching and the tools from the program, I will continue to evolve. Thank you Dina!

Sara Stadtmiller

Dina is an amazing yoga teacher! I’ve been taking classes with her for many years and she never ceases to inspire. Besides being consistently informative & creative,  her classes are never repetitious & always challenging (in the best way). I feel very lucky to have Dina as a teacher. Her knowledge & wisdom, both physically & spiritually, are endlessly beneficial for her students.

Ruwini de Silva

I was a late starter in the wonderful world of yoga and all that it offers. Very early in my yoga path I took a class taught by Dina. It was transformative – I was immediately touched very deeply by the clearly advanced understanding and execution of yoga poses by Dina but more importantly by the very yogic personality she was. She taught gently, efficiently, safely, lovingly and with a very thorough understanding of all aspects of yoga. She really embodies and exudes yoga in all its manifestations. I implore anyone thinking of starting yoga or an advanced practitioner looking to gain a deeper practice, to work with Dina and I know you will be enriched in so many ways that will have a positive impact on your life. Do it, you will never look back!